A thin-client public lien notice filing solution.

Our Cenuity suite’s Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) solution provides a complete set of administration, document management and fulfillment functions for secured transactions under the UCC. The solution allows filing office staff to perform day-to-day business and fulfillment from an in-house portal while the general public performs filings, searches, and data/report purchases through an authenticated online portal.


Our UCC solution excels with a complete offering of Revised Article 9 (RA9) filings for both internal filing officers and online public filers, including all filing action variations and scenarios. Whether you need to differentiate between a Full or Partial Assignment, file a (6a) variation of the UCC-1, enter data and generate forms for every field on the Addendum and Additional Party forms, or upload a collateral document online, our UCC solution fully supports filing offices requiring out-of-the-box compliance with RA9. Optional add-on modules address:
• Effective Financing Statement and Central Notification System requirements of the Food Securities Act
• Federal Tax Liens and Federal Judgement Notices
• Statutory liens filed by courts or state agencies




Filers may either enter text or upload collateral document images, further reducing the need to physically submit documents to the filing office

Filing Acknowledgments, Receipts, Reports, Certificates, and other correspondence are all automatically generated by the solution and delivered via email

The PCC Dashboard Inbox allows customers to access all correspondence previously generated by their account, accessible via convenient Dashboard Widgets and searchable by date; no receipt or filing acknowledgement is ever lost

Self-service features allow the public to go paperless, eliminating the need to maintain individual records and reducing the number of costly support calls


An integrated imaging and document repository solution allows for a one-system business workflow and ensures complete mapping and absolute consistency between database records and stored filing images

Customizable work queue solutions to fit each filing office’s unique process and workflow

Integrated correspondence solution dynamically generates both physical and electronic correspondence documents and notifications.

Automated intake functionality, such as barcode scanning, saves time for in-house staff

An integrated retention scheduler automatically archives and purges records and images according to statutes and then generates historical reports of modified data

From a single Document Insert Maintenance screen, an administrator can make global template changes to identified text strings inserted into physical and electronic documents

Integrated receipting and financial reconciliation functions allow the application to either stand alone or interface and update an external accounting system


No rejections for online filings, as all statutory business rules are enforced by the system before the filing is submitted

Increased online adoption, easing the burden of in-person filings

Substantially reduced data errors through business rule enforcement and user guidance

Efficient entry and intuitive review and research of all work information entered in the system

Diminished backlogs soon after implementation

Fraudulent and bogus filing mitigation