A self-contained electronic filing system that records and maintains Trademark filings and filing activities.

Our Cenuity suite’s Trademark solution allows state filing office staff to perform day-to-day business and fulfillment from an in-house portal while the general public performs searches and available filing actions through an authenticated online portal.


The New Mexico Secretary of State chose PCC to consolidate several disparate, stand-alone applications into a complete enterprise solution with one back-end database. Included in the business filing and registration deliverable was a Trademark module that introduced
• Online capabilities (previously paper-based)
• Robust public searching
• Specimen normalization (for both registrations and renewals)
This successful Trademark implementation connected separate trademark databases, created shared work queues with other agencies, and incorporated a single sign-on solution.



Online “print-and-submit” filing wizards that guide customers through the data entry process and validate business rules before submission to the state

Full specimen management, allowing scanned images to be tracked separately

Robust searching through data normalizations for all aspects of the mark, allowing fields to be searched independently

System-automated renewal reminder emails help trademark owners stay current with their Mark Registration

Barcode scanning on documents entered, capturing data and linking it to related files


Supports states that require both wet ink signatures in addition to those that allow electronic signatures (for wet ink signatures, guided business rules and enforced workflows allow users to generate barcoded forms for entered data, corresponding to mailed physical registrations – state office staff can scan barcodes that recall all scanned data and approve registrations, reducing data entry while still allowing hand signed forms and documentation)

System-automated batch jobs update expired Mark Registration statuses on a daily basis, and the records are properly indicated as “Expired” in public searches and reports

Business rules are enforced during the filing process, so Mark Registrations can’t be accidentally renewed outside of the renewal window or after expiration (unless statutes state otherwise)

Updates to the Mark Registration record are made by the system according to business rules, eliminating incorrect update of Registration Status and Expiration Date values


Reduced rejections for online-generated filing forms, as all statutory business rules are enforced by the system before the filing is printed and submitted to the state

Increased online adoption, easing the burden of in-person filings

Diminished backlogs soon after implementation

No lost receipt or filing acknowledgements due to historically stored images that are directly linked to both the associated financial transaction and the public filing record

Proper record expiration through job status management and automatic notifications

Substantially reduced data errors through business rule enforcement and user guidance