Program Management & Planning

Services that lay the groundwork for successful projects.

Our real estate team, backed by 30+ years of experience, ensures the effective execution of project tasks. We employ project managers, planners, right of way specialists, and attorneys who are knowledgeable in areas of conceptual planning, permitting, grant management, right of way acquisition, and relocation, allowing clients to rely on us in every phase of their project.


Fueled by experience and dedication to our clients, we have proudly served federal, state, and local public agencies, special districts, and transportation authorities for decades. We have confidence in our team and their broad range of knowledge, the impact of which is evidenced by highly successful projects with minimal risk and long-standing client relationships.



Clients rely on our expertise to tailor a scope of work to their unique project needs, creating steps needed to ensure compliance and providing parameters for success. We gather and analyze information and evaluate potential impacts and alternatives to determine and establish the most appropriate plan while minimizing the risk of exposure to future litigation. The scope includes key stakeholders, issues and risks, assumptions and exclusions, objectives, key project milestones, high level requirements and deliverables.


Our estimates and effective analyses of the potential costs of land and right of way serve to minimize the impacts on a project’s overall budget, schedule management, and the surrounding community.

Dedicated to providing best-value services, our team is focused on the effective management of plans, schedules, and budgets. We listen to our clients and stakeholders and we recommend practical solutions to areas of concern.


To those affected by a project, the uncertainty of what lies ahead can often lead to frustration. Disseminating accurate project information is key. We prepare presentation materials for public meetings, status reports for agency staff, and informational brochures for distribution to legislative delegations at both the state and federal level.


One of our team’s strengths is the ability to address the human element in public works projects. We establish relationships with the impacted community early in the process by conducting public meetings for large-scale projects and individual meetings for smaller projects.

In addition to sharing project information and offering helpful services to those affected, we gather critical community feedback through forums for discussion and/or community surveys. Our team is experienced in public outreach activities appropriate for all kinds of projects; these efforts are guided by best-practice policies and procedures for effective operation of Open House environments and public contact.

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