Disaster Management


A full suite of disaster management and grant close out services.

Our disaster management and grant close out services include reviewing grants for compliance, performing accounting and auditing tasks, providing accounting assurance for federal funds, and assistance to sub-grantees.


When a major flooding event hit Southeast Louisiana in 1995, GCR’s team of planners reacted with much needed recovery services, marking the beginning of 20 years of disaster management expertise. We have become a leading regional source of professional disaster‐related services, and we are proud of our ongoing professional relationships within Louisiana.
With a keen understanding of FEMA programs administered under the Stafford Act and National Flood Insurance Act, GCR dedicates over sixty full-time professional staff working in Louisiana on grant closeout services. 


The Closeout Reporting and Time Entry System (CRATES)

Designed to support our disaster recovery and grant closeout services

Tracks and reports on closeout progress at the project level

For more information on our disaster management software or services,
contact Michael Dorris, Program Manager, Disaster Management Services

mdorris@gcrincorporated.com    |    504.304.2500