Value-Added Services

Independent real estate services.

Our value-added services exist outside of our product and service suites and aim to address specialized project needs (impediment analysis, utility relocations, permitting, grant requests, inventories) and/or offer value-added benefits exclusive to GCR (proprietary GIS asset management software).


With 30+ years of experience, GCR has earned its place as one of Louisiana’s leading providers of real estate services. Over time, we’ve built a team so expert and so comprehensive that we aim to meet all project requirements. Our ad hoc services reflect our commitment to meet every client need.



We compile land records within a geographic information system (GIS) that is customized for the business needs of our client. Critical information is centralized and made immediately retrievable, eliminating the need to search hard copy files or conduct land records research. The application connects asset information with demographic and geographic trending data (based on U.S. Census statistics) for fully informed decision making and data analysis. To learn more, visit our AssetTrackerIQ page.


Our team conducts Section 404 and Coastal Use Permitting, working in coordination with local, state, and federal entities.


Our team has been instrumental in filing all reports and financial documentation necessary to maintain project eligibility for federal assistance. Our guidance not only allows clients to maintain eligibility, but positions them for the successful receipt of future funding.


Our team of experts backed by technology resources help quantify the impact of events, define and describe classes, and isolate demographic and economic trends. By bringing together key data sets, analyzing them critically, and presenting them in a concise and compelling manner, we have become a powerful resource for attorneys in class action matters and other civil litigation. We have supported some of the most expensive settlements in the New Orleans and Gulf Coast region and our subject matter experts have testified in both state and federal courts. The full range of our litigation support services include:

  • GIS services
  • Property Analysis
  • Economic Analysis & Valuation Modeling
  • Population & demographic analysis
  • Data management & coordination
  • Class notice

For more information on ad hoc services,
contact Mona Nosari, Director of Real Estate Services    |    504.304.0783