Online Voter Registration

An online solution for voter registration.

Our ElectioNet suite’s Online Voter Registration solution is a mobile-ready voter portal that brings the registration process straight to constituents.


Providing constituents easy access to the election process is at the forefront of our Online Voter Registration system. So is ensuring their eligibility. Users are authenticated through driver’s licenses, Social Security numbers, proprietary pin codes, and personal information before any detail is displayed to the voter or submitted to election officials for consideration.


Allows voters to register conveniently through mobile devices

In one, single location, voters are able to register, find their polling place, see who’s on their ballot, manage absentee ballots, and update their information electronically

Self-service features allow the public to go paperless


Standardize addresses per USPS NCOA; associate voter to address; assign districts and precincts via GIS, street file or point addresses; and maintain address, precinct, and district history indefinitely

Easily exchange data for voters moving from another state

Link scanned documents to voter records and maintain outgoing correspondence linked to voters

Interface with the Social Security Administration, Department of Health, Department of Corrections, and motor vehicle and driver’s license agencies via real-time calls and file transfers


Used to register nearly 25% of U.S. voters (which translates to low risk and long-term implementation success for future states)

Substantially reduced data errors through business rule enforcement and user guidance

Self-service features allow the public to go paperless, reducing the cost and inconvenience associated with traditional registration processes and costly support calls

For more information on our online voter registration software,
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