An end-to-end electronic filing system that records and maintains Notary Public, Authentications, and Facsimile Signature filings and filing activities.

Our Cenuity suite’s Notary and Authentications solution provides full back office support for the registration, certification, renewal, and commission management for Notaries Public and all associated filings, the receipting and generation of Apostille and Non-Hague Certification documents as well as the tracking and online verification of said documents, and the filing and registration of legal signatures for verification and permission of use for both public officials and Notaries Public.


Our solution represents over 13 years of innovation driven by our clients’ need to replace paper-based, non-unified or otherwise aging legacy systems. We provide industry-leading Notary and Authentications expertise that enhances our Business Service offerings, delivering a market-tested, readily deployable module, requiring only strategic configuration to meet our clients’ needs.



All notary information in one place, including the Notary Public Exam, eliminating the need for users to go outside the portal

Online “print-and-submit” filing wizards guide customers through the data entry process and validate business rules and confirm filing requirements before physical submission to the state

Filing wizards, dashboard interface, and high performance search and retrieval mechanisms available for customers and the public

System-automated renewal reminder emails help Notaries stay current with their Commission renewals or up-to-date on their continuing education requirements


Updates to the Commission record are made by the system according to business rules, eliminating incorrect update of Commission Status and Expiration Date values

Document capture capabilities allow in-house users to scan or upload documents and associate them to specific records

Apostille and Certification numbers are system generated to enforce uniqueness and prevent overlaps

The online portal verification allows foreign offices to easily validate Authentication documents according The Hague Convention e-Registry recommendations, reducing staff time spent researching and verifying via phone


Reduced staff data entry for forms generated via the online portal’s guided workflow – scanning the submitted form’s barcode recalls all the user data entered online by the customer, eliminating form data entry; staff simply reviews the recalled form then elects to accept or reject

Reduced rejections for online-generated filing forms, as all statutory business rules are enforced by the system before the filing is printed and submitted to the State

Quick and easy filing and recall of Facsimile Signatures reduces staff time spent to an absolute minimum

“Since the implementation of the new system we’ve seen our notary and apostille online submissions increase by 50%.”

– Kevin Niehaus, Director of Business and Commercial Services,
Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office