Election Night Reporting

A solution that allows state officials to accumulate, report, and securely share election results in real time.

Our ElectioNet suite’s Election Night Reporting (ENR) solution continually processes and refreshes election results using one-way replicated database. The general public can view results from any device with internet access – the solution is mobile friendly using responsive design.


ENR uses a scalable architecture that can support large numbers of users without compromising high-performance. The dashboard view publishes results in graphic or list views that are intuitive and interactive, increasing the effectiveness of election officials’ public outreach efforts.
ENR seamlessly integrates with any ballot tabulation software and complies with state data protection protocols. Our solution provides clients with the flexibility of a configurable application and the cost savings of a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product.


Software designed by ex-government subject matter experts to mirror the process of election management

Business practices are pre-loaded, offering users pull-down menus, pick lists, and options to automate the data entry process as much as possible


Offers repeatable actions for future elections – poll location data can be carried forward from election to election without reentry

Automated re-precincting and re-districting processes

Adaptable technology allows application conformance to policy and legislative changes

Integrity of results ensured with secure technology and application enforcement


Reduced costs and inconveniences associated with traditional management processes

Increased effectiveness of election officials’ public outreach efforts

Election status mapping, including ballots counted, voters registered, and ballots issued

Real-time, exportable results (providing county, district, candidate, and town-level drill-down options)