Election Management

A browser-based application designed to automate election office operations.

Our ElectioNet suite’s Election Management solution enables state officials to electronically manage elections from polling station set-up to voting and petitions; track election events like training, attendance, and poll station inventory; and run canned and ad-hoc reports to gain insight from election histories.


Our solution automates the association of offices and public questions to voting districts and precincts and streamlines the logistics of managing poll locations, equipment, and workers.



Software designed by ex-government subject matter experts to mirror the process of election management

Business practices are pre-loaded, offering users pull-down menus, pick lists, and options to automate the data entry process as much as possible


Offers repeatable actions for future elections – poll location data can be carried forward from election to election without reentry

Automated re-precincting and re-districting processes

Adaptable technology allows application conformance to policy and legislative changes


Increased effectiveness of election officials

Reduced costs and inconveniences associated with traditional management processes

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