Campaign Finance

Campaign Finance screenshot

An electronic filing system that ensures transparency and accuracy of campaign contributions and expenditures.

Campaign Finance provides browser-accessible web applications for ethics officials, filers, and public users.
Filing office staff can perform day-to-day business and fulfillment; committees can enter or upload campaign financial data, manage their account, produce financial reports, and file with the state; and the general public can access multiple dynamic search options, state-of-the-art mining features and the ability to export data for robust, transparent reporting.



In order to effectively meet campaign finance reporting and disclosure requirements, our solution is built to address three critical components:

  • State management of filing schedules, compliance, and accuracy through a secure in-house portal
  • Committee filing of campaign finance reports, amendments to prior filings, and management of contributions and expenditures through an authenticated public disclosure portal
  • Public and constituent access to monitor data through a public facing website


User-centric design, built-in templates, and customizable compliance rules guide users to easily and completely provide valid information with no assistance from agency personnel

Integrated correspondence solution dynamically generates both physical and electronic correspondence documents and notifications

Advanced online search functionality, reporting, and data visualization tools


Integrity of filer records ensured with secure technology and compliance rule enforcement

Configurable communication tools standardize correspondence, emails, and notifications

Adaptable technology allows application conformance to policy and legislative changes, enabling staff to meet any committee type and registration requirements


DBA specialists design database changes, modify database schemas, develop stored procedures and triggers, perform data analysis and manipulation, and tune the database for optimal performance

Electronic signatures can be used for validation purposes, rendering the entire process truly paperless

Substantially reduced data errors through business rule enforcement and user guidance

Diminished backlogs soon after implementation