Business Registration


A robust self-service solution for Secretaries of State clients and their constituents.

Our Cenuity suite’s Business Registration and Corporate Filings solution combines expansive and ultra-friendly online processing capabilities, identity verification, and document management. It offers in-house and online user workflows and business rules required to fully manage high volumes.


Our solution represents over 13 years of innovation focused on streamlining and digitizing entity creation and maintenance, resulting in a time-tested product and market leadership.



No receipt or filing acknowledgement is ever lost – the PCC Dashboard Inbox allows customers to access all correspondence previously generated by their account, accessible via convenient Dashboard Widgets and searchable by date

Provides timely notifications to perform periodic compliance reporting (such as the filing of annual or biannual reports)

Identity theft protection features alert all related parties when account information has changed


Privilege level security gives administrators the ability to restrict access to features and areas of the application based on configurable user roles

An integrated imaging and document repository solution allows for a one-system business workflow and ensures complete mapping and absolute consistency between database records and stored filing images


Self-service features allow the public to go paperless, eliminating the need to maintain individual records and reducing the number of costly support calls

Increased revenue and data capture for Secretary of State offices

Low risk and long-term implementation success through a readily available, industry-tested solution and expert support

• 500% increase in online filing over the previous years
• Long-standing state partnerships since 2003
• Backlogs eliminated within 90 days

“GCR delivered where others failed.”

– Tim Fleming, Georgia Deputy Secretary of State

For more information on our business registration software,
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