Nuclear database management.

Our NuclearIQ solution is used by nuclear power plants to monitor, track, and analyze data. Within seconds after tests are run and electronically submitted, results are validated and immediately displayed on detailed satellite images of the site which can be accessed anytime, anywhere – control rooms, EOF, mobile tablets, all with rich reports and trend analysis to aid in the evaluation process. 

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NuclearIQ is administered and deployed by an experienced team of nuclear chemistry and software specialists – each of our senior staff have over 25 years in the industry. In addition to creating a product that quickly won over most U.S. fleets, our team provides the services needed to keep our implementations successful and our clients happy. Popular support services include:

  • Implementation of the mobile app fleet-wide, training users and helping facilitate change management
  • Implementation of new units (or sites), such as Radiation Protection, Groundwater, REMP-data conversion, database configuration, and training
  • Implementing Chemical Inventory
  • Implementing Instrument Logbook and the NuclearIQ QA/QC solution, training users, validating and verifying data 
  • Conducting site-specific training programs to address new releases, new hires, new admins, and improving overall proficiency 
  • Fine-tuning and refining Schedule requirements and getting Task Schedules up and running


Precise tailoring of your database to meet each site’s or fleet’s preferred practices – customized configuration, reports, schedules, security, and more assures enthusiastic adoption.


Automated customization of data from instruments, gamma spec, PI system, sensors, external labs such as GEL or Herguth, and many others increases productivity, timeliness, and quality.


Most flexible business practices – unlimited users, turnkey implementations and training, and an annual User Group for usage feedback and feature requests are all included with no hidden fees.


The industry’s most robust mobile app for tablet-based mobile rounds manages real-time queries, reports, and plots, bringing unprecedented productivity and visibility into plant conditions.


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For more information on our NuclearIQ solution,
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