An online portal that tracks and reports on large-scale recovery and resilience-related efforts.

Our RecoveryIQ solution is a web-based application that aggregates federal funding sources into related areas (i.e. Housing, Economic Development, and Infrastructure), providing a breakdown of the funding allocated, obligated, and disbursed. It allows data to be filtered by program, project type, and location for both government staff and public users.


Our portal has been used to help manage the recovery efforts of two of the largest natural disasters in US history. The secret to its success? Providing three reporting mechanisms in one comprehensive solution.

Home: Provides an overview of the recovery effort and displays concise, easy to navigate summary information intended for the general user.

Database: Provides the ability to custom tabulate information, giving the press, legislators, and special interest groups access to detailed programmatic information or information relevant to a specific area.

Maps: Custom maps are created by selecting geographic attributes and filtering programmatic information. After confirming the map criteria, all funding sources within the geographic region are displayed.


Pre-loaded with relevant data points and the ability to securely pull available information from a wide range of sources

Effortlessly track program performance at the state, municipal, or neighborhood level

Built-in intelligence separates sensitive information and summarizes private data points for public use, allowing the tool to serve as both an in-house and an outward facing resource


Renders the recovery investments reporting process paperless, digitizing manual reports and eliminating duplicates and inaccuracies

Provides complete transparency, allowing the public and special interest groups to be part of the recovery effort, greatly enhancing its success

Industry-tested; ready to be deployed as soon as the need arises

For more information on our RecoveryIQ solution,
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