eGrantsPlus is the industry’s leading enterprise-wide grants management COTS software product solution.

Our eGrantsPlus software provides an unparalleled level of end-to-end grants management support, from the creation of a grant program and the announcement of a funding opportunity through application submission and evaluation; selection; award; outcomes-based financial and progress reporting; and claims processing.

Grantee & Grantor Functionality in One Software Product

eGrantsPlus® is an excellent solution for any agency that receives grants from, for example, the Federal Government and then gives out that grant money in the form of grants to sub-recipients. Grant reporting includes reports from the sub-recipients rolled up into the report on grant expenditures.


eGrantsPlus® was designed to provide users with the ability to provide the level of control needed for the various grant programs that might need to be managed. Control can be tightened to ensure that there is standardization of practices across grant programs. Control can be loosened to allow flexibility in the implementation and administration of grant programs.


eGrantsPlus® has been organized by system object. Objects include funding sources, agency projects, grant programs, grant opportunities, and organizations. Each object can have a workflow associated with it for the creation and approval of the object and for the use of the object.


For processes that require the assignment of staff to review or to approve processes, eGrantsPlus® provides for both manual and automatic assignment of staff members. Shown below is the screen where automatic assignment of personnel to workflow steps is controlled.


eGrantsPlus® allows users to have an unlimited number of document attachments and document templates. For each document or template, the user can maintain version control of the item and view the history of the updates at any time.


eGrantsPlus® now allows users to track funds from the funding source to the end use. All funds are tracked by invoice payment to chart of accounts field to budget line item to funding source. Users can plan for the use of funds; transfer funds between projects or grant programs and track the funds as they are used and paid out of the financial system AP module.


Staff users have the ability to configure their home screen to display any of the available dashboard widgets. The widgets provide a real-time tabular or graphic summary of the available data.

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