An interactive mapping resource for community insight and impact analysis.

Our CommunityIQ solution is a web-based GIS application that analyzes a community’s demographics, housing statistics, and economy. It turns assessment data and written plans into a living resource, enabling decision makers to visualize and report on data attributes key to maximizing the benefits of their investments.


CommunityIQ provides insight into trends and activities from a regional viewpoint down to neighborhood levels. Armed with rich layers of data, users can target the analysis of policies, programs, and investments and determine where they are needed most.

People: population trends and key demographic indicators

Housing: type, condition, and demand

Economy: key industries and economic trends in employment by industry, wage, and location


Database design enables custom data to be easily loaded and for that data to be displayed at custom geographies

Automatically pulls available information from a wide range of local and national sources, painting a complete picture of activities and needs

Built-in intelligence separates sensitive information, and if needed, summarizes private data points for public use, allowing the tool to serve as both an in-house and an outward facing resource


Maximizes scarce community resources by providing intelligence from readily available information

Connects previously unrelated data for fully informed decision making

Leverages GCR’s software development expertise and combines our 300+ development staff with our focused team of planning and resilience specialists, resulting in an affordable tool tailor-made for community leaders.

For more information on our CommunityIQ solution,
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