Management software for real estate assets and property holdings.

Our AssetTrackerIQ solution is a web-based GIS application that allows local, state, and federal agencies to map, visualize, and electronically catalogue critical land records. Built on an advanced mapping and reporting framework, it quantifies and validates real estate holdings to support ongoing and future asset improvements.


AssetTrackerIQ integrates client information with select demographic and economic data to measure activity in both relative and absolute terms. The result is a powerful analytic tool capable of producing facility and jurisdictional reports. The user interface is intuitive and customizable, illustrating metrics defined by client interest. Through this digitization and centralization of ownership documents and property details, agencies can manage their assets in ways not possible with paper-based systems.


Surveys and land records are pre-loaded and critical information is associated with each record (such as COB, folio, entry numbers, vendor/vendee party, and parcel number), minimizing client data entry requirements

Libraries of scanned documents are geo-referenced and can be queried by Parish, Control Section, State Project Number, or by simply clicking on a map of the desired project area

An integrated imaging and document repository ensures complete mapping and absolute consistency between database records and stored filing images


Critical information is centralized and made immediately retrievable, eliminating the need to search hard copy files or conduct land records research

Connects asset information with demographic and geographic trending data (based on U.S. Census statistics) for fully informed decision making

Offers real-time visibility into asset status

Leverages GCR’s software development expertise and combines our 300+ development staff with our focused team of real estate specialists, resulting in an affordable tool tailor-made for asset management

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