An integrated identity management system for background checks and access control.

Our AirportIQ Secure Credentials (ASC) solution is a combination of hardware and software that consolidates all identity management information into one view, managing biometric data, badging, continuous vetting, auditing, and access control.


Our team of ex-industry aviation security experts built ASC to anticipate airport-specific credentialing needs, from the initial badge application through the adjudication, auditing, and renewal processes. The result is an aviation-focused application that yields the highest levels of efficiency and minimizes human error in the credentialing process, by pushing out appropriate work away from the badging office to the badge applicants, holders and authorized signers. Linked to your airport management system, ASC ensures contract compliance and uses smart technology to pre-load PII to badge holders’ records. This limits user interaction, dramatically reducing input errors and processing time while increasing security and efficiency.

For smaller airports, we offer AirportIQ Secure Credentials Express (ASCX), our COTS enterprise-level IDMS solution delivered in a single, integrated kiosk. With all the airport-specific integrations connected and tested in our offices, the kiosk arrives in a ready-to-go state, with only minor personalization needed to begin using it. Our clients call it ‘IDMS in a box’.


ASC Kiosks offer full hardware automation through fingerprint scans, photo captures, and biometric data reviews, all without the assistance of the badging office

Real-time integration with access control, fingerprinting, and learning systems

The application takes what is traditionally a multi-step process and turns it into one point of entry: captures fingerprints, sends all data to DAC at once (as opposed to sending information and fingerprints separately), requests appropriate background checks, and sends notifications once results are received

Access data is pre-loaded and critical information is associated with each record (such as badge type, job role, work locations, and endorsements), minimizing client data entry requirements and removing the possibility of entry errors

Role-based access information is automatically pulled from contracts through an interface to AirportIQ’s Business & Revenue Manger (ABRM) and AirportIQ’s Safety & Operations Compliance System (ASOCS)

Tailored support, offering integration with other systems or departments pertinent to each client (i.e. continuous background checks with the Department of Justice report new arrests)

Fully complies with all security standards required by federal agencies including Homeland Security, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA)

Meets TSA regulation 49 CRF Part 1542


Access rights inherited by role-based setup, resulting in an up to 50% reduction in data input

Dynamic physical access rights based on their role and authority

Single point of entry for total access control

Automated badge hardware makes the renewal process self-serviceable

Information is stored in a centralized, real-time database, eliminating the need to re-enter data and reducing costly data entry errors

Automatic notifications alert badging agents of status changes or actions needing to be taken

Information is pushed out to the trusted agent, limiting their actions to validation and endorsement

Ensures contract compliance by linking to airport management software (i.e. ABRM and ASOCS)

Innovative kiosk-driven badge renewal process pushes lower-level work away from the trusted agent into the hands of the applicant

More than 60,000 active badges at 18 airports rely on ASC


Download our Secure Credentials product sheet.

Download our Secure Credentials Express (ASCX) product sheet.

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