An investment in risk management that pays for itself.

Our AirportIQ Safety Management System (SMS) offers a flexible and integrated process that allows airport staff to report and mitigate safety issues before they become costly.


SMS is the proactive approach to risk management. It allows airports to prepare for big emergencies and gain everyday operational efficiencies. Airports around the country are realizing the financial savings associated with adopting safety management technology. Either used as a single application, or combined with our AirportIQ Safety and Operations Compliance software (ASOS), SMS offers the technology needed for airports to stay ahead.


Triage, track and analyze safety issue reports as they are received through the AirportIQ SMS Dashboard; spot incident trends to help determine which warrant corrective action

Provides the information needed to identify safety trends step-by-step and the ability to demonstrate proactive action being taken


Comes with a guaranteed no cost upgrade to comply with any future ruling

Provides the information necessary to identify safety trends step-by-step and the ability to demonstrate proactive action being taken

Integrates with event management and Part 139 software and provides a central point of operational safety monitoring, risk management, and compliance


Developed with input from small, medium, and large hub airport safety managers

Built-in anonymous and proactive/reactive reporting

Web/mobile interface for reporting of safety issues

Powerful GIS and search capability with ESRI technology

Allows collaborative, simultaneous multi-user access

Online database for procedures and requirements, safety hazmat, and training manuals

Part 139 system integration with AirportIQ Safety & Operations Compliance System (ASOCS) or your current system

Configurable, meaningful KPIs and metrics

EAM work order system integration

Configurable dashboard, accident, and injury forms

Assign, email, and monitor SMS issues and reports

Store PDFs and images to attach to forms in the Cloud


Download our SMS product sheet.

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