New Orleans, LA, March 10, 2020

Congratulations to the City of Norfolk, Virginia for breaking ground on the Ohio Creek Watershed Project, which will connect two neighborhoods with resilient mitigation measures that feature a flood berm, a restored tidal creek and wetland, and sports and recreation areas. GCR is proud to provide Norfolk with a range of grants management support and technical assistance for this $122.2M project.

GCR serves as the City of Norfolk’s grants management and regulatory compliance subject matter experts for the implementation of its CBDG-NDR award focused on resilience-building initiatives in the Ohio Creek Watershed. This effort comprises a suite of projects and programs, including shoreline restoration and protection, parcel level green infrastructure, increasing community connectivity, and creating economic opportunities for low income residents. GCR’s role includes the provision of technical assistance to the City and its partners trough the development and delivery of a regulatory training program and overall regulatory compliance support.

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