PCC’s Business One Stop Helps Keep States Open for Business Amid Shutdown

Windsor, CT, April 6, 2020

With massive shutdowns across the U.S. aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus, state and local governments are quickly pivoting how they deliver services to keep business humming and people safe.

Indiana is a shining example of how early adopters of online, integrated services are well positioned to facilitate business during a statewide Stay-At-Home Order.

Four years ago this month, the state launched INBiz as a one-stop resource for Hoosiers to register and manage their businesses and comply with state laws and regulations. Since then more than 500,000 users have signed up to do business through the online portal. With this integrated infrastructure in place prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, business owners are still able to ensure basic compliance remotely.

Powering Indiana’s business portal is PCC’s Business One Stop, a solution that allows multiple agencies to collect, validate, and distribute business registration information while making the process easy for constituents through one, single sign-on application.

“Under normal conditions, the digital nature of Business One Stop helps make states attractive places in which to do business. During this pandemic, it is making business possible while helping keep communities safe from the transmission of the virus,” said Tom Amburgey, Chief Executive Officer of PCC’s parent company, GCR Inc. “One Stop means constituents and agency staff can still manage required processes without face-to-face interactions and the need for transferring paper forms. The online system allows states to maintain social distancing while keeping governments and businesses running.”

There are multiple filing and compliance requirements spanning various state agencies with few definitive sources of information. Business One Stop provides a single public portal for all business needs and streamlines backend, multi-agency procedures. It guides prospective users and puts information and electronic filings at their fingertips – from wherever they happen to be working.

Learn more about how Business One Stop helps states and its businesses grow here.

Using HUD CDBG and FEMA Public Assistance Funding for Coronavirus Response

GCR stands with our clients during this challenging time for our nation and is immediately available to help states, local governments, and nonprofit organizations leverage federal funding to respond to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Using CDBG Funds for Coronavirus Needs

As leaders at all levels of government marshal resources to address the current emergency, GCR reminds our government partners that HUD Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding for entitlement programs and disaster recovery may be re-programmed to establish testing and treatment facilities, acquire and distribute medical equipment and supplies, deliver food to vulnerable populations, provide grants or loans to small businesses to pay workers and stay afloat, and provide training to displaced workers to support critical response industries.

HUD has published a reference guide for the use of CDBG funding to support the Coronavirus response, which may require changes to existing programs, policies, budgets, or methods of distribution, and could also involve plan amendments, citizen participation, and HUD approval in order to take effect.  GCR’s CDBG subject matter experts and policy professionals are available immediately to assist state and local governments in re-programming their CDBG and CDBG-DR funds for critical response and recovery services.  A link to HUD’s current program guidance is included below.  Please contact Ted Guillot at [email protected] for assistance in leveraging existing or new HUD funding to address your state or community’s Coronavirus related needs.


New CDBG Funding & Waivers for Existing Funding to Support Coronavirus Response

GCR is also closely monitoring legislative negotiations in Washington, DC along with specific requests from states and industry organizations for CDBG appropriations and program waivers.  These include requests for a new CDBG appropriation to support pandemic response and economic recovery along with proposed waivers to the citizen participation requirement for plan amendments, the 15% cap on use of CDBG awards for public services, NEPA review requirements, the disaster tie-back requirement for CDBG-DR funds, clarification that SBA loan acceptance will not prohibit businesses from receiving subsequent CDBG assistance, and flexibility regarding the use of urgent need as a national objective, among others.  GCR is available to assist grantees with CDBG administrative or statutory waiver requests to support Coronavirus response and recovery.  Please contact Ted Guillot ([email protected]) for assistance with CDBG waiver or funding requests.

Cost Recovery of Coronavirus Expenses under the FEMA Public Assistance Program

GCR’s software and policy professionals are also available to assist states, local governments, and nonprofit organizations with recovery of their emergency response costs related to COVID-19 under the FEMA Public Assistance program.  The President has declared a national emergency in all states and territories and declared a major disaster in a handful of states so far, with additional state requests pending for major disaster declarations and activation of additional programs under the Stafford Act, including the Individual Assistance Program to fund mass care, disaster unemployment assistance, rental assistance, and household funding for medical and child care expenses, among others.  Our EMGrantsPro software platform helps state agencies facilitate expense tracking and documentation based on FEMA reimbursement requirements, and our professional services personnel can provide technical assistance and accounting procedures to ensure cost recovery, along with technical assistance regarding declarations and program activation under the Stafford Act.  Please contact Mike Dorris at [email protected] for more information on GCR’s software or professional services available to ensure cost recovery of your organization’s emergency protective measures under the FEMA Public Assistance program or for technical assistance with disaster declarations or Stafford Act programs.  Details on the EMGrantsPro software are also available at www.mb3online.com.

GCR’s COVID-19 Webinar Series

In response to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, GCR is launching a free webinar series to help clients navigate the crisis and beyond. 

Webinar I: Managing Rent Deferment and Forbearance in AMB and ABRM

March 26th | 10:30am-12:30pm
March 30th | 1:00pm-3:00pm

With airports around the globe facing steep declines in flight and passenger traffic as a result of the COVID-19 situation, many are offering rent abatements as temporary financial relief. In this webinar, GCR’s experts will provide guidance on how to manage rent deferment and forbearance in Airport Business Manager (ABM) and AirportIQ Business and Revenue Management (ABRM) systems.

You will learn:

  • Various approaches airports are using to grant relief to tenants in response to the drastic decline in activity due to the COVID-19 situation
  • How to best leverage the features in ABM/ABRM to help to manage your airport?s relief policy, such as:
    • Setting up minimum guarantee abatement or suspension in the application and adjust true-up calculations
    • Adjusting the Due Date of invoices with a global update of invoice terms
    • Flagging invoices


Spencer Stewart
VP of Sales, Aviation

Ray Ceasar, CPA
ABRM Subject Matter Expert

Pat Brady, CPA, PMP
ABRM Product Manager

Norfolk Breaks Ground on Ohio Creek Watershed Project

New Orleans, LA, March 10, 2020

Congratulations to the City of Norfolk, Virginia for breaking ground on the Ohio Creek Watershed Project, which will connect two neighborhoods with resilient mitigation measures that feature a flood berm, a restored tidal creek and wetland, and sports and recreation areas. GCR is proud to provide Norfolk with a range of grants management support and technical assistance for this $122.2M project.

GCR serves as the City of Norfolk’s grants management and regulatory compliance subject matter experts for the implementation of its CBDG-NDR award focused on resilience-building initiatives in the Ohio Creek Watershed. This effort comprises a suite of projects and programs, including shoreline restoration and protection, parcel level green infrastructure, increasing community connectivity, and creating economic opportunities for low income residents. GCR’s role includes the provision of technical assistance to the City and its partners trough the development and delivery of a regulatory training program and overall regulatory compliance support.

For more information on this project and VA’s NDRC grant, visit https://www.norfolk.gov/3612/Office-of-Resilience.


GCR Honored as City of Houston’s ‘Prime Contractor of the Year’

New Orleans, LA, February 27, 2020

GCR Recognized as ‘Champion of Diversity’ for Inclusive Practices in over 200 Airport Projects

GCR Inc. (GCR), a New Orleans-based public sector software and services firm, was honored by the City of Houston as the Professional Services Prime Contractor of the Year during the 2020 Champions of Diversity ceremony. GCR has been a partner with the City of Houston Airport System since 2007, completing over 200 IT-focused projects with the assistance of local Minority, Women, and Small Business Enterprise (MWSBE) firms.

“GCR is honored to receive the City of Houston Professional Services Prime Contractor of the Year Award, and we sincerely thank Mayor Turner and the Office of Business Opportunity Advisory Board for this recognition,” said Tim Walsh, GCR’s President of Critical Infrastructure. “GCR shares their commitment to maximizing opportunities for MSWBE firms. The specialized skills and capabilities they provide has been critical to our success.”

The Champion of Diversity Awards honor those that have exemplified the Houston Office of Business Opportunity’s mission of “cultivating a competitive and diverse economic environment in the City of Houston by promoting the success of small businesses and developing Houston’s workforce with special emphasis on historically underutilized businesses and disenfranchised individuals.”

To accomplish a broad range of goals for Houston, GCR has partnered with more than a dozen MWSBE firms.

“GCR’s core competency is in software development, and we supplement our capabilities with local MWSBE firms that broaden and enhance our solutions and services,” said Walsh.

A case in point is the design, development, and manufacture of Automated Passport Control kiosks to facilitate international passenger arrivals at both Hobby and Intercontinental airports. GCR worked with the City, federal partners, and a local MWSBE firm to deploy the kiosks and, ultimately, improve the passenger experience.

In addition to the Houston Airport System, GCR provides software solutions to over 100 airports throughout the U.S. through its Airport business unit. With best-in-class software like the AirportIQ suite, GCR designs solutions that make airports more efficient, profitable, and secure.

About GCR
GCR improves, expedites, and digitally transforms public sector offerings in the areas of grants management, critical infrastructure, land and facilities management, elections, and government business services. Together with its subsidiaries, PCC Technology Inc. and MB3, GCR is recognized as one of the top government technology and service providers in the country.

ElectioNet v9.3 is here.

New Orleans, LA, January 30, 2020


ElectioNet v9.3 enhances the vast GIS work started in version 9.2, adds absentee and early voting capabilities, provides statistics, match, and search functionality to administrators, and incorpo-rates the latest in user-specific notification technology to voters.

GIS address validation improves the accuracy of voter registration data and helps you better serve your communities. The GIS interface provides an interactive map to pinpoint voter address locations and immediately resolve most discrepancies.
Updated District and Precinct map data are imported directly into ElectioNet using GIS Shape-files. An interactive GIS map compares new and existing district boundaries, even showing voter locations. Lists of affected voters may also be viewed and printed. Upon approval, the new boundaries are applied to complete the redistricting process.
ElectioNet's new GIS feature enables users to visualize election and petition boundaries on interactive maps with points representing registered voters or petition signers.
Configurable Voter Notices can be stored and reused in the new Template Manager. This lets you maintain consistent style and content while allowing flexibility to meet your changing communication needs.
The new ElectioNet Random Signature Sampling feature helps you process petitions efficiently and keep up with current laws and increasing workload. In 100% signature verification mode, ElectioNet superbly tracks the user's progress while displaying scanned petition pages. Petition pages are now scanned and stored digitally for more orderly and efficient signature validation.
Empower public users while reducing your staff workload with the ElectioNet OLVR and MVP. Enhanced mobile and desktop features provide convenient public access to check voter regis-tration status or securely submit new or updated voter registration information and absentee ballot requests. Public users can also view notices from state or local election officials, check on upcoming elections or the status of petition signature or provisional ballot, and even get driving directions to polling location or the local election office.

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GCR Named GovTech 100 Company for 2020

New Orleans, LA, January 7, 2020

GCR Inc. (GCR) is happy to be included, for the third consecutive year, in GovTech’s Top 100 list, which is comprised of “companies focused on, making a difference in, and selling to state and local government agencies across the United States.” GovTech is a respected source of information in the industry and we are honored by this important recognition of the work done by GCR and our related companies, PCC Technologies Inc. (PCC) and MB3 Inc. (MB3). PCC is a leading provider of software to the state and local government market, and the premier provider of solutions for Secretaries of State across the country. MB3 is the industry leader in emergency grants management software for state governments.

#govtech #govtech100

GCR Promotes New CTO, Signaling Wider Cultural Changes Across Divisions

New Orleans, LA, December 12, 2019

GCR Inc. (GCR), a New Orleans-based public sector software and services firm, has promoted Matt Blakely to Chief Technology Officer. Blakely founded and served as CEO of MB3, a grants management software company acquired by GCR in 2018.

Through MB3, Blakely helped communities recover from large-scale disasters by building software to manage the distribution of billions of dollars in government grants. Its rapid growth since 2005 can be credited to Blakely’s focus on a value-driven culture, one he writes about in his book, “Empower Then Lead.” After MB3 was acquired, the connection between culture and technology excellence was highlighted as a strength that could be leveraged across all other divisions of GCR.

“We saw a need for a visionary in the role of CTO,” said Tom Amburgey, CEO of GCR. “Someone who could bring standardization, big ideas, and sound technology strategies while empowering leadership, enhancing communication, and developing a healthy corporate culture. Matt is passionate about these goals, and that kind of passion is what we need to bring about positive change in 2020.”

Blakely adds, “I am excited to bring fresh perspectives to GCR and be a part of the company during a key phase of growth. I will be strategic about investing in our products, leveraging best practices and technology across the organization, while helping establish a unified team culture that prepares us for success.”

In his new role, Blakely will tackle cultural norms across divisions with the immediate goal of minimizing distractions inherent in larger corporations, allowing technology teams to focus on what makes them most successful and achieves the largest impact.

About GCR
GCR improves, expedites, and digitally transforms public sector offerings in the areas of grants management, critical infrastructure, land and facilities management, elections, and government business services. Together with its subsidiaries, PCC Technology Inc. and MB3, GCR is recognized as one of the top government technology and service providers in the country.

GCR Launches New AirportIQ 5010 Site

November 14, 2019, New Orleans, LA

GCR Inc. (GCR), a New Orleans-based technology and professional services firm, announced today that it has launched a new version of the popular 5010 site along with a new domain: AirportIQ5010.com

For over 20 years, GCR’s AirportIQ 5010 site has displayed the most current airport information provided by the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Aeronautical Data Team (ADT). This information describes the physical and operational characteristics of all airports (public and private) and is critical to airport safety. GCR coordinates the Airport Data and Information Program for the FAA and publishes the data on the 5010 site, which is structured in accordance with the FAA’s Airport Master Record (5010-1 and 5010-2) forms. The data is then used in handbooks and charts for pilot use.

Our site allows users to view and print 5010-1 & 5010-2 forms for every facility in the ADT database, generate advanced multi conditional searches (NPIAS Service Level, NPIAS Hub Type, Min/Max Runway Lengths, Airport Towered, etc.), and export Airport Master Record data to Excel. The newest release implements MicroServices Architecture, which simplifies and improves communication with the backend database. It also features a modernized responsive layout and an improved user experience.

“The advanced search capability allows our aviation clients to gain insight into airport data they can’t access anywhere else,” said Tim Walsh, Divisional CEO of Critical Infrastructure at GCR. “We offer this service for free, but we know it’s valuable to the industry, so it’s important that we invest in making it easier to navigate.”
The new AirportIQ 5010 site also allows you to explore GCR’s AirportIQ software suite, which offers solutions for every aspect of airport management, scalable for airports of every size. From revenue management to security and credentialing, AirportIQ’s broad range of products work together to make your airport more efficient, profitable, and secure.

About GCR
Headquartered in New Orleans, LA, GCR offers a broad range of software products and services that help clients gather, analyze, and apply information. GCR’s client base extends from the aviation market to a broad array of public sector clients at the federal, state, and local level.

GCR Welcomes New CFO

New Orleans, LA, November 13, 2019

GCR Inc. (GCR), a New Orleans-based public sector software and services firm, announced today that Christopher Porras has joined as its new Chief Financial Officer. Porras comes to GCR with 30+ years’ experience in Big 4 auditing, financial reporting, mergers/acquisitions, and system implementation. All will serve his new role as he assumes financial responsibility for GCR and its subsidiaries.

Porras joins GCR after five successful years at CCH, a tax, accounting, audit, and firm management software and services company. He has served international organizations and small and midsized private equity backed firms as CFO, COO, and VP of Finance.

“Chris’s success in building strong teams that can oversee the type of growth GCR is poised for is essential,” said Tom Amburgey, Chief Executive Officer of GCR. “And his experience with mergers and acquisitions is exactly what we need.”

“I am excited to join GCR as CFO,” said Porras. “I greatly enjoy working with growing companies and I look forward to teaming with Tom Amburgey and the rest of the executive cohort as we lead GCR into a new era of expansion and robust financial growth.”

Porras has a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Southern California and a Master’s in Finance from Georgia State University. He resides in Georgia with his wife, Lynda.

About GCR
GCR improves, expedites, and digitally transforms public sector offerings in the areas of grants management, critical infrastructure, land and facilities management, elections, and government business services. Together with its subsidiaries, PCC Technology Inc. and MB3, GCR is recognized as one of the top government technology and service providers in the country.