A principal factor in GCR’s many years of success is our management team. From the Board of Directors to our executive staff, we are built on a solid foundation.


John Bastin
Divisional CEO, PCC

John has over twenty years’ experience in sales, strategy, and delivery leadership for private equity backed startups as well as Fortune 500 IT services organizations. He has a deep understanding of the state and local government market and is highly adept at strategic planning, offerings development and penetrating new markets within the State and Local government space. Prior to joining PCC, John was a Senior Director / National Sales Leader for Hewlett Packard (HP) Enterprise Services, where he led sales for the U.S. State and Local Government Division of the company.


Angele Carriere Romig
Divisional CEO, Grants Management

With nearly 30 years of professional experience, Angele directs the Resilience, Recovery and Real Estate teams. She brings in-depth knowledge of customer relationship management and an experienced understanding of the political landscape. With a deep-rooted belief in growing an organization through investment in human capital, Angele has solidified GCR’s position as a leader in disaster recovery and grants management solutions.


Timothy Walsh
Divisional CEO, Critical Infrastructure

With an impressive background in airport management and consulting, Tim joined GCR in 2011. He quickly assumed the lead within our Critical Infrastructure division, and has been instrumental in broadening GCR’s pursuit of diverse airport work. Tim is a high-energy professional whose leadership complements the superb talent and extensive experience of both our Airport and Energy teams.