New Orleans, LA, April 10, 2015

In 2012, the GCR Inc. planning group was involved in developing the economic impact analysis for the Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan, which addresses the management of storm water, surface water, and groundwater within the city’s levees in an innovative regional approach. The overall goal of the plan is to change the way residents think about water and their relationship to water, while embracing best practices from places that share similarities with New Orleans’ geography like the Netherlands. The plan laid out a framework for converting the existing drain and pump system to a much more open and sustainable one that allows most of the rain from a typical rain event to infiltrate the ground within the levees, reducing street flooding, energy consumption, and ultimately slowing subsidence.


GCR’s task was to take all of these benefits from the plan and project the total economic benefit of full implementation. In total, GCR was able to estimate an approximate $22.3 billion economic benefit from direct job creation, reduced flood insurance premiums, elimination of costs associated with subsidence (house leveling and shoring), and a reduction in losses paid from flooding. The plan was heralded by the American Planning Association as the first regional water plan of its kind in the country and given a National Planning Excellence Award for Environmental Planning.

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