GCR stands with our clients during this challenging time for our nation and is immediately available to help states, local governments, and nonprofit organizations leverage federal funding to respond to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Using CDBG Funds for Coronavirus Needs

As leaders at all levels of government marshal resources to address the current emergency, GCR reminds our government partners that HUD Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding for entitlement programs and disaster recovery may be re-programmed to establish testing and treatment facilities, acquire and distribute medical equipment and supplies, deliver food to vulnerable populations, provide grants or loans to small businesses to pay workers and stay afloat, and provide training to displaced workers to support critical response industries.

HUD has published a reference guide for the use of CDBG funding to support the Coronavirus response, which may require changes to existing programs, policies, budgets, or methods of distribution, and could also involve plan amendments, citizen participation, and HUD approval in order to take effect.  GCR’s CDBG subject matter experts and policy professionals are available immediately to assist state and local governments in re-programming their CDBG and CDBG-DR funds for critical response and recovery services.  A link to HUD’s current program guidance is included below.  Please contact Ted Guillot at [email protected] for assistance in leveraging existing or new HUD funding to address your state or community’s Coronavirus related needs.


New CDBG Funding & Waivers for Existing Funding to Support Coronavirus Response

GCR is also closely monitoring legislative negotiations in Washington, DC along with specific requests from states and industry organizations for CDBG appropriations and program waivers.  These include requests for a new CDBG appropriation to support pandemic response and economic recovery along with proposed waivers to the citizen participation requirement for plan amendments, the 15% cap on use of CDBG awards for public services, NEPA review requirements, the disaster tie-back requirement for CDBG-DR funds, clarification that SBA loan acceptance will not prohibit businesses from receiving subsequent CDBG assistance, and flexibility regarding the use of urgent need as a national objective, among others.  GCR is available to assist grantees with CDBG administrative or statutory waiver requests to support Coronavirus response and recovery.  Please contact Ted Guillot ([email protected]) for assistance with CDBG waiver or funding requests.

Cost Recovery of Coronavirus Expenses under the FEMA Public Assistance Program

GCR’s software and policy professionals are also available to assist states, local governments, and nonprofit organizations with recovery of their emergency response costs related to COVID-19 under the FEMA Public Assistance program.  The President has declared a national emergency in all states and territories and declared a major disaster in a handful of states so far, with additional state requests pending for major disaster declarations and activation of additional programs under the Stafford Act, including the Individual Assistance Program to fund mass care, disaster unemployment assistance, rental assistance, and household funding for medical and child care expenses, among others.  Our EMGrantsPro software platform helps state agencies facilitate expense tracking and documentation based on FEMA reimbursement requirements, and our professional services personnel can provide technical assistance and accounting procedures to ensure cost recovery, along with technical assistance regarding declarations and program activation under the Stafford Act.  Please contact Mike Dorris at [email protected] for more information on GCR’s software or professional services available to ensure cost recovery of your organization’s emergency protective measures under the FEMA Public Assistance program or for technical assistance with disaster declarations or Stafford Act programs.  Details on the EMGrantsPro software are also available at www.mb3online.com.