ERIN is a custom-built application for the Louisiana Secretary of State providing a repository of information on all Louisiana voters and voting related information.  In 2005, GCR began conversion of Louisiana’s 20-year-old IBM mainframe system that maintained voter registration information to a Microsoft .NET and SQL Server platform. The initial assignment was completed in 2006 and was followed by a 3 year extension to further develop the voter registration system and to build a redistricting and GIS interface.

ERIN has zero tolerance for error and 24/7/365 is required for availability and reliability.  It is used by 64 parish Registrars of Voters to maintain critical information on voters and provides functions for all election-related accounting activities including paying vendors and personnel who work for an election event. External interfaces within the system ensure up-to-date information; namely, the Louisiana Department of Corrections, Vital Records for Death verification, and the Office of Motor Vehicles/ Department of Public Safety (DPS).  For example, the system communicates with LADPS to query the driver’s license database and verify the identity of a person filling out an online form.   This project included GIS-based districting, Internet voter registration, and other enhancements.