Charitable Organizations


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An electronic registration application for charities and non-profit organizations.

Our Cenuity suite’s Charitable Organizations and Fundraisers (Charities) solution builds on the robust Business Registration and Corporate Filings platform, tailoring it to the unique requirements of charity registration and management.



Known for our successful business registration software, we have leveraged this expertise to create a one-of-a-kind charity registration and management application. Our Charities solution transforms the current manual registration process, offering clients reporting capabilities not possible with most paper-based systems. It incorporates the latest technology and has built-in intelligence that addresses the unique non-profit environment.


Allows users to register, renew, and file amendments online and at their convenience.

No receipt or filing acknowledgement is ever lost – the PCC Digital Inbox allows customers to access all correspondence previously generated by their account right from their Dashboard, searchable by date

Provides timely notifications to file periodic reports to keep their Charity up-to-date


Organization, Renewals, Amendments, and Solicitations filings

Deadline reminders can be set for direct communication with filers through the application

Privilege level security gives administrators the ability to restrict access to features and areas of the application based on configurable user roles

An integrated imaging and document repository solution allows for a one-system workflow and ensures mapping and consistency between database records and stored filing images


Self-service features allow filers to go paperless, eliminating the need to maintain individual records and reducing the number of costly support calls

Ad-hoc reporting features offer administrators insight not gained from current paper-based systems