About Us

GCR Inc. (GCR) is a leading software development and consulting firm that serves public sector clients through aviation, government, and energy technologies and real estate, community planning, and recovery services. Since 1979, we have solved problems by leveraging our intellectual and technological resources while staying committed to the satisfaction and success of our clients and employees.

PCC Technologies Inc. (PCC), founded in 1995 and acquired by GCR in 2016, is a leading provider of software to the state and local government market, and the premier provider of solutions for Secretaries of State across the country.

Together, we aim to transform the public sector through technical expertise, streamlined processes, and the development of mission critical solutions.


We understand the importance of providing customers with the best solutions. We are attentive and responsive, committed to client and employee satisfaction. Our core values are centered on service, integrity, leadership, and resourcefulness. We appreciate our customers and the opportunities they provide to continually drive innovation.


Our executive leadership is fully committed to delivering the highest level of professional service and products to customers while building a stronger and more viable organization for our workforce. We manage assignments in a diligent and responsible fashion and we work to achieve results. We establish measurable goals and continually and honestly evaluate our progress.


Our corporate culture is defined by hard work, innovation, and camaraderie. The camaraderie is a by-product of honest leadership and employees who enjoy working within a collegial environment. Our culture has been fostered by great entrepreneurial energy and employees who have invested their professional careers in the growth of the firm. Our employees dedicate themselves to the mission of the customer on each project. The extraordinary tenure of our employees bolsters our ability to recruit new talent as well as provide continuity of service to clients.