New Orleans, LA, June 27, 2018

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is responsible for maintaining the nation’s National Airspace System, including maintaining airport records on the physical and operational description of the public use airports in the United States. These airport records contain aeronautical information considered critical to aviation safety, and are kept current via regular airport inspections. Airport inspections for airports certified under 14 CFR 139 are performed by FAA airport certification and safety inspectors; airport inspections for airports not certified under 14 CFR 139 are performed by State Aviation Agencies or contractor personnel on behalf of the FAA.

Twice annually, in partnership with the FAA Office of Airports, GCR organizes and conducts the Airport Master Record seminar to introduce State aeronautical airport inspectors to the requirements of the airport safety data inspection process and use of the 5010Web.com website. The seminar includes classroom and on-site airfield training designed to instruct State and contractor personnel on the procedures for conducting an airport inspection in a manner acceptable to the FAA, and to provide accurate aeronautical information to the FAA. State Aviation Agency and contract airport inspectors charged with inspecting airports on behalf of the FAA are requested to attend the FAA Airport Master Record seminar, ensuring standardization in Airport Master Record entries and providing for a more accurate submittal of this vital safety information.

GCR has proudly partnered with the FAA in this capacity since 2001, and completed its most recent Airport Master Record seminar on June 14th in Portland, Maine.