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GCR, PCC, and MB3 Rebrand as Civix

New Orleans, LA, July 20, 2020 GCR Inc., a leading public sector software and services firm,  announced today that it and its subsidiaries, PCC Technology, Inc. and MB3, have rebranded as Civix. The new singular corporate identity embodies the companies’...

GovTech Innovation Leader GCR Opens ‘Center of Excellence’

Heathrow, FL, July 7, 2020 GCR Inc. (GCR), a leading public sector software and services firm, is opening a Center of Excellence in Heathrow that will focus on innovation in GovTech. It is the cornerstone of a significant investment in the company’s State Government...

A Visionary Approach to GovTech

New Orleans, LA, June 1, 2020 Submit Form A, deliver to Agency B, then write a check to Office C - but only after you’ve filed your paperwork with Division D. If you’re still not clear, see Section E and fax or mail a letter with your questions to Group F. Virtually...

Public Sector Solution


Our team of ex-industry aviation experts serves the Federal Aviation Administration, state aeronautics departments, and over 65 individual airports worldwide. With best-in-class software like the AirportIQ suite, we design solutions that make airports more efficient, profitable, and secure.


Leading the industry for over 15 years, our team of energy experts develop lasting solutions for nuclear power plants and utilities. Used by over two-thirds of the U.S. nuclear fleets, our NuclearIQ product has become the industry standard for chemistry and REMP data management.


Our team of planners, disaster recovery managers, right of way agents, and real estate specialists have one goal: building stronger, more resilient communities. We help clients make key policy decisions, design recovery and resilience efforts, and acquire right of way and real estate to construct, improve, and manage public infrastructure projects.


We are a leading provider of software to the state and local government market and the premier provider of solutions for Secretaries of State across the country. Our applications facilitate corporate registration, voter registration, election administration, ethics disclosure, and land management.

Industry Leading Results


U.S. voters registered and managed through our systems


Invested in custom development


U.S. nuclear power plants using our chemistry management software

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