Bill Croft

Director of Disaster Management

Bill CroftSince 2013, Mr. Croft has served as Director of Disaster Management initiatives for GCR, where he is responsible for the oversight and coordination of the firm’s disaster recovery initiatives. These initiatives include management of a major assignment with GOHSEP, in which GCR is assisting with the closeout of over 30,000 FEMA-funded projects throughout the State of Louisiana.

Mr. Croft’s career in disaster recovery planning and implementation spans nearly 25 years. He has developed extensive expertise in a variety of disaster recovery programs, including the FEMA Disaster Assistance, Public Assistance, and Hazard Mitigation Grant Programs, as well as HUD’s Community Development Block Grant program. Mr. Croft is a highly visible disaster recovery consultant throughout the state with strong connections within GOHSEP and FEMA, as well as among disaster recovery coordinators in parishes throughout the state.

Mr. Croft has been involved in numerous disaster response projects and the closeout of those projects. He assisted in the preparation of the “Red Book” which was used to guide grant applicants through the grant process from approval to closeout with the focus of documentation and compliance with the Stafford Act. Mr. Croft has experience in construction estimating and management of numerous horizontal and elevation projects, and has experience with cost estimation for Project Worksheets, FEMA’s Cost Estimating Format (CEF) for large projects, R.S. Means Cost Estimating, FEMA Uniformed Cost Guidance (UCG) and the OCD-DRU HMGP Elevation Cost Guidance (ECG).