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Offering utilities accurate, timely reporting and mapping for utility outages.

outageGCR’s web-based outage reporting system is built using Esri ArcGIS server, Microsoft SQL server and Adobe Flex technology. It not only displays outages, it also helps with pre-disaster planning by showing the likely areas to be affected by forecast weather events. This web application reports on outages on a jurisdictional basis and allows users to prepare reports and maps on the status of power outages and the progress of service restoration. A user can respond to any elected official or civic group about the status of outages in their area whether it be a neighborhood, a community, or a political subdivision. The GCR Outage Reporting System generates information that is accurate and timely.

Because the new application was so effective and successful during the critical recovery period after Hurricane Isaac, it caught the attention of Entergy Corporation. Shortly after deploying the Entergy New Orleans outage site, GCR was tasked with building a system for all of Entergy. This comprehensive system reports on 2.8 million utility customers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas on a real time basis.

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