Turnkey. CDBG. Management.

Community Development Block Grants can be difficult to navigate. GCR provides experienced practitioners to guide your grant application, management and reporting.

CDBG Management


GCR works on behalf of county and State governments to manage every aspect of Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), both Disaster Recovery (DR) grants and otherwise. The GCR team of planners and project managers assist clients in the full lifecycle of the CDBG process.  We design programs, competitively selecting developers, overseeing financing and CDBG compliance during the pre-development phase. We review the construction process to ensure that the development meets CDBG regulations and adheres to the goals set forth in the plan. Our team includes subject matter experts in compliance and monitoring, systems support, procurement, application processing, auditing oversight and grant closeout. Vital experience has been gained through leading and supporting disaster recovery and community rebuilding efforts in New York, Louisiana, Illinois, Texas and North Dakota.

CDBG management is an area where GCR’s extensive technological resources allow us to offer unique solutions to our clients – custom software designed to record and process financial and compliance data necessary to successfully administer a CDBG grant. Our GIS mapping and data visualization capabilities provide great assistance in tracking, reporting and analysis of program progress.

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