Quantify. Locate. Visualize.

Let GCR support you in professional, competent, expert testimony and documentation in civil litigation.


GCR is a powerful resource for attorneys in class action matters and other civil litigation. Our team of experts and our technological resources help quantify the impact of events, define and describe classes and isolate demographic and economic trends. By bringing together key data sets, analyzing them critically and presenting them in a concise and compelling manner, GCR is an expert in matters throughout the New Orleans region and beyond.

Our clients have included major oil companies, large hospitals, nursing care facilities, insurance companies, major retail outlets, large gaming facilities, state and federal agencies and many others. Additionally, our subject matter experts have testified in state and federal courts.

Our Litigation Support services include:

  • GIS Mapping Services
  • Property Analysis
  • Economic Analysis & Valuation
  • Population & Demographic Analyses
  • Data Management & Coordination
  • Class Notice

Call us today for more information on how GCR’s Litigation Support team can help your litigation team present the best possible case. Call Robert Edgecombe, at 800.259.6192 or email redgecombe@nullGCRincorporated.com.