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GCR’s demographers make sense of complex communities.

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Working with public and private data sources, GCR overlays information to present a well-rounded perspective of current and future conditions. GCR’s demographic reports are used regularly by municipal and State governments to support Census challenges, track post-disaster recovery, evaluate infrastructure alternatives, assess community needs and support new real estate development.

Because of our extensive experience in Urban Planning, Information Systems, GIS Mapping, Program Management and Systems Design, we are able to quickly provide comprehensive information to help guide financial decision making. GCR’s analytical and consulting resources are used in virtually every facet of industry and commerce, including housing, health care, finance, education, criminal justice, public safety and utilities.

What we offer:

  • Development of a fundamental understanding of the demographic, economic, socio-economic, governmental and institutional elements of the community
  • Delineation of the political, governmental and community parameters which influence resource placement
  • Identification of the key governmental, corporate and civic interests which can participate in economic development
  • Development and organization of major community data sets organized in a meaningful manner to support small area analysis
  • Advanced technological and intellectual resources to help craft and implement effective economic development solutions

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