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GCR partners with the FAA on national facility inventory and inspection programs.

GCR works with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on a number of complex programs, including high profile projects which have improved the flow of airport facility and activity information to the public. Through our work with the FAA, GCR now manages the entire Airport Safety Data Program, encompassing over 20,000 public and private use airports in 9 FAA regions, 12 US territories, and all 50 US states.

FAA Systems
The FAA has often looked to GCR to revamp outdated processes with new state of the art, technological solutions. GCR is at the forefront of centralizing, standardizing, and fully automating airport data reporting through uses of its industry standard, secured web-enabled systems 5010Web.com, CCMIS.net, and BasedAircraft.com. These systems are used by FAA National and Regional personnel, and by state aviation departments throughout the United States.

FAA Services
The FAA is faced with the magnitude of maintaining information and data for over 20,000 airport facilities across the United States and in all US territories. To assist with this task, GCR provides the FAA with consulting and program solutions for a variety of national data collection efforts. Through the National Based Aircraft Inventory Program, the National Private Use Airport Data Survey, and the Airport Safety Data Program, the extensive experience of our staff goes far beyond merely data collection. Through such large-scale initiatives, GCR supports and develops processes resulting in effective and rational approaches to the overall management of data collection, while also providing electronic processing and detailed analyses of that data. The intelligent and deliberate approach used by GCR in these projects results in more succinct reporting of findings, trends and recommendations. This provides the FAA with information to effectively drive logical and reasoned national policy changes.

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