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GCR works with an array of governments and airports to provide solutions tailored to meet critical inventory and reporting needs. Whether providing aircraft registration and certification systems for offshore aircraft registries, or financial and operational systems to manage airports, GCR builds the right solution.


GCR provides consulting and program solutions for a variety of aviation data collection needs. Although we have created many large scale systems, the extensive experience of our staff goes far beyond merely data collection. GCR supports and develops processes resulting in effective and rational approaches to the overall management of data collection, while also providing electronic processing and detailed analyses of that data. The intelligent and deliberate approach used by GCR in these projects results in more succinct reporting of findings, trends and recommendations.

Aircraft Registries
GCR develops comprehensive systems that manage the entire aircraft registry and airworthiness certification process. With these systems, when aircraft owners initially register their aircraft, a series of airframe and powerplant inspections are triggered. Depending on the type of inspection, it may be conducted by an aircraft maintenance and repair station, both of which are managed by the system. Through comprehensive security components, users from all over the world can submit and manage all of their records online. Because of the sensitive nature of the information, the system is highly secure and uses digital certificates for all users.

Aerodrome Certification
Drawing on our extensive airport safety and certification information experience in the U.S., GCR offers a wide range of services to Civil Aviation Agencies (CAA) for aerodrome certification and registration. GCR has been at the forefront of centralizing, standardizing, and fully automating airport data reporting through industry standard, secured web-enabled systems. These systems can be used by large national agencies or regional organizations to manage different types of facilities.

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