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ElectioNet™ElectioNet™ Election Administration is a secure, reliable system that ensures the integrity of the voter registration and election results process. ElectioNet™ enables election officials to improve voter information access, increase database integrity,and more efficiently manage the overall voting process.

A flagship product of GCR’s subsidiary, PCC Technologies, ElectioNet™ Election Administration application is modular and can be configured to include a variety of functions. This integrated architecture is supported by a multiple-level security design that ensures the integrity of the registration and election management process. The system is available in a Public or Private Cloud configuration and supports open technology standards. As with all of our systems, the architecture is database agnostic – which enables seamless integration into your environment using an efficient methodology. Moreover, this application is designed to interface with other systems in your environment, including records, motor vehicle, Social Security, and corrections systems. The system supports Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and IBM DB2 architectures. ElectioNet™ Election Administration was designed to fully automate election office operations and can be deployed in modular fashion.

The ElectioNet™ Election Admistration offers additional important election and business services, including:

  • Voter Registration: In the face of unprecedented changes in voter registration laws and election protocols, ElectioNet™ Election Administration software provides election officials with a unified solution for traditional voter registration and online voter registration.
  • Election Night Reporting: PCC provides an instantaneous, public, digital capability to accumulate and report results.
  • Online Voter Registration: PCC’s system can accommodate a variety of security techniques to authenticate identity and validate a registration transaction.
  • Electronic Poll Book: This combination of hardware and software allows election officials to review and process voter information during the election process.
  • Election Management: ElectioNet™ Election Management supports every aspect of an election agency including Election Set-up, Candidate Management, Voting District Management, Manage Polling Places, Poll Worker Management, Absentee and Regular Ballot Management, Elections History Tracking and Petition Management.

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