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GCR’s NuclearIQ Team to Host 2017 User Conference in New Orleans

March 2, 2017

GCR’s NuclearIQ team will host its annual User Conference from March 6th – 8th in New Orleans, LA. The three days of programming are split into two groups. The first, an intense user Seminar Series where clients dive into the latest NuclearIQ Report Writing and Data Archiving, Environmental REMP Program Configuration, Instrument Logbook QA/QC, and Multiparser Setup and Scripting. The larger conference will address the new version of NuclearIQ and its mobile application features. Partner presentations and round-table user discussions will facilitate knowledge sharing that has become the cornerstone of these conferences.

This popular industry conference is attended by the majority of our nation’s nuclear power plants. NuclearIQ is the industry standard chemistry data management system, supporting 80% of the US fleet and counting. For more information, visit

GCR Inc.’s NuclearIQ team hosts 2015 user conference

41 of the nation’s 66 nuclear power plants were represented among the 70 guests at the just-completed 2015 NuclearIQ Users Group/Industry Update conference held this week in New Orleans. Continuing the theme of “productivity improvements through information sharing and collaboration,” partners and clients made presentations, discussed creative solutions to common problems, and how to effectively share data to eliminate errors and delays.


We continue to provide unprecedented service to our clients. Some conference high points:

• Great presentations by the NuclearIQ team, clients X-CEL and Exelon, and industry partners GEL, Canberra, OSIsoft and others.
• Enthusiastic User Group session, as well as Special IT Breakout to discuss security.
• GCR-sponsored Jazz Dinner cruise on the Riverboat Natchez on the Mississippi River.
• Pre-conference special event at the Preservation Hall for live jazz.

We are listening to clients, collaborating with partners and bringing innovative solutions to the nuclear power industry.

Call us today for more information on how GCR’s Energy & Utilities applications can help your plant or agency manage its data more efficiently. Call Mark Wilson at 225.241.3594 or email

NuclearIQ User Group Conference To Expand in 2014

joinNIQ2GCR’s NuclearIQ team is busy preparing for our most ambitious project yet! On March 10 and 11, 2014, GCR will host a dramatically expanded NuclearIQ 2014 User Group/Industry Update conference in New Orleans. This year we will substantially broaden the scope to create a generalized forum for information exchange and collaboration amongst chemistry and related professionals from throughout the U.S. and Canada. We hope to have over 100 people in attendance from 50 nuclear power stations, including both NuclearIQ clients and prospects.

The theme of the 2014 NuclearIQ Users Group and Industry Update Conference is ‘Information Collection, Sharing and Collaboration,’ focusing on ways to save time and increase operational effectiveness. A universal observation we encounter over and over is that outdated processes abound in the industry, resulting in information “islands,” limiting the ability to collect, share, and recall historical data. We will be exploring technologies that collect data electronically into NuclearIQ, rather than PC-based spreadsheets and databases – so that information can be easily and widely shared, analyzed, recalled, and included in reports and dashboards.
Download the conference brochure
We have an outstanding group of industry-leading partners attending the conference, who will present innovative solutions such as collecting data from sensors attached to a wireless network feeding NuclearIQ (SAIC/Leidos with OnRamp Wireless, and SCT systems). Client-presenters will provide demonstrations of effective uses of NuclearIQ technology at work in their power stations. Finally, the gathering will provide attendees with opportunities to attend intensive training workshops. Even our very best clients need hands-on training to understand and take advantage of the full NuclearIQ feature set, let alone entirely new functionality like the Integrated Instrument Logbook application. Attendees will be presented with a Training Certificate to take back to their station. Some of the training sessions planned include “Effective Custom Report Writing”, “Implementing the New Instrument Logbook”, and “Implementing an Effective Groundwater Program with GIS Mapping.”

Click here to download the conference brochure.

GCR NuclearIQ® Preparing for New Opportunities

GCR’s NuclearIQ® team is preparing for an eventful new season. In the past 30 days, the team has demonstrated NuclearIQ® and delivered proposals to several key prospects in the northeast. New contracts are working through the procurement process. Our NuclearIQ® team is actively planning implementation schedules and is ready to bring new sites on-line.

In addition, the NuclearIQ® team, in partnership with SAIC, has devised an innovative solution to save nuclear plants time and money, which has become an overriding imperative for the nuclear power industry. This productivity-enhancing data collection and management solution is set to bring outdated 1970’s technology into the present with mobile and wireless data collection. No longer will technicians with clipboards trudge through snow and rain to take readings and then re-enter data into spreadsheets on standalone PCs. Our new solution will bring validation, integration, sharing, and accessibility to supervisors who need to see the data instantly.

GCR and SAIC will deploy wide-area, low-cost, secure wireless networks covering the entire EPZ (emergency protection zone), and deploy low-cost wireless sensors with interchangeable parts that monitor numerous data-points, sending data in real time to NuclearIQ®. Data will be validated for trending, plotting, mapping and reporting, and missing data will send alerts to supervisors. Sensors will monitor the health and status of emergency sirens, the temperature and flow rate of cooling water, the background radiation in the air, the flow rate of air handlers, the water level in groundwater wells, and many other operations that are today monitored by hand with no alert when the device goes off-line or conditions deteriorate. This is a revolutionary technology and the data collection possibilities will only grow as these networks are deployed with NuclearIQ® as the central repository.

Stay tuned as NuclearIQ® continues to emerge as the chemistry data management system of choice for the entire US and Canadian fleet.

If you have questions or would like more information about GCR’s NuclearIQ® products, contact Mark Wilson at

GCR Inc. trademark registration is approved for NuclearIQ®

nukeIQlogoRGCR Inc. (GCR) is proud to announce the recent approval of trademark registration for its “NuclearIQ” mark, used to identify its comprehensive platform of chemistry data management software. The registration secures for GCR the exclusive right to use the “NuclearIQ” mark in commerce with regard to “computer software, namely, software for chemistry data management for industrial plants including nuclear facilities.”

Since 2009, GCR has used the name “NuclearIQ” for its chemistry data management solution, installed in nuclear power throughout the United States.  Today, it is the industry standard for chemistry data management systems at nuclear power plants, supporting over half of the U.S. fleet and counting.  Originally developed in 1994 under contract with one of the nation’s largest fleets, NuclearIQ® has evolved over the years under the guidance and direction of a robust users’ group.

The NuclearIQ® platform includes an ever-growing set of modular solutions for a diverse delivery system of information technology. NuclearIQ® includes modules for chemistry data management, chemical inventory, GIS mapping, groundwater monitoring, and emergency response management. Complementing the power of the aforementioned modules, the NuclearIQ® integrated solution also features a management dashboard to provide site-wide reporting and an iPad app for mobility. The nation’s leading fleets use NuclearIQ®.

About GCR
GCR Inc., an international professional services firm, partners with government and commercial clients to deliver consulting services and technology solutions in nuclear power, aviation, disaster recovery, elections, public safety, right-of-way and urban planning.  GCR’s expertise is diverse, but united by its data analytic capabilities that drive informed decision making….for more information, visit

GCR recently held the 12th Annual WinCDMS/NuclearIQ User Group Conference

GCR recently held the 12th Annual WinCDMS/NuclearIQ User Group Conference. It was held in New Orleans with attendees from nuclear power plants located in Michigan, New York, Texas, Florida, Maryland, South Carolina, Washington, and Louisiana. The purpose of the conference was to review the site implementation schedule for the NuclearIQ application and solicit user feedback on future and recent changes.

Highlighted items discussed at the conference:

•   Completion of the implementation for the three Constellation Energy sites.

•   Implementation for the sites at St Lucie in Florida, DC Cook in Michigan, Columbia in Washington and Waterford 3 in Louisiana.

•   Review of most recent version of the NuclearIQ application.

•   Discussions centering around future enhancements to the NuclearIQ application. Those include a Chemical Inventory module, Batch Scheduling routine for Reports, Trend Plots, and Task Schedules, and the finalization of the Tablet PC interface.

This was the first user conference since the production release of the new NuclearIQ application.

About NuclearIQ:

nukelogoNuclearIQ is a software suite used to manage data for the chemistry departments at approximately one third of the nuclear operating sites in the US. It provides data storage and review, and has comprehensive reporting and graphical display capabilities for data review and tracking.

NuclearIQ also provides a repetitive task schedule for developing a user defined list of tasks to be completed on a specific timeframe, and can interface with other equipment and software packages used within a chemistry department.

NuclearIQ is Implemented at GINNA

GINNA Nuclear Power Plant was the first client to implement GCR’s new NuclearIQ software. NuclearIQ represents a major upgrade to GCR’s chemistry data management system (previously know as WinCDMS). This new application is a comprehensive tool to manage virtually all aspects of a nuclear plant’s chemistry data. It combines the collective experience of GCR’s nuclear consultants and the WInCDMS user community into a cutting edge industry solution built using the latest Microsoft .NET technology.

nukelogoGCR is a leading provider of chemistry data management software for the Nuclear Power industry. GINNA has been a GCR customer for over 12 years. GINNA is owned by Constellation Energy, a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. Constellation Energy had revenues of $15.6 billion in 2009.

For more information on NuclearIQ, click here.

GCR Working on Smart Grid Project with Entergy

GCR Energy Services is working on a Smart Grid project with Entergy New Orleans for implementing an Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) pilot program. GCR will provide several services, including program management, business analysis, database/application development and statistical analysis. The project began in August 2010 and will continue for at least 12 months. It is co-funded by the Department of Energy with an ARRA “stimulus” grant and will study how low-income customers in New Orleans respond to energy monitoring tools and incentive programs.

GCR is a leading provider of data management software for the energy industry. Entergy New Orleans, Inc. is an electric and gas utility serving Orleans Parish and is a subsidiary of Entergy Corporation, a Fortune 500 company engaged primarily in electric power production and retail distribution operations.